RUSSIA – UKRAINE Intensifying Conflict Elevate Downfall of Several Major Currencies and Stocks

The tension within European continent escalating into new degree, triggered by following factors:

  • Russia deploying troops around Ukraine border amassing around 100.000 troops
  • White House warned that the Russian Invasion of Ukraine could happen any time,  as the Pentagon ruled out deploying troops to defend Ukraine, and sent additional 3000 soldiers to Poland, reinforcing NATO allies.
  • US orders embassy in Kiev to evacuate on fears Russia will invade soon
  • US & other countries tell citizens to leave Ukraine
  • U.S. removing about 150 military trainers from Ukraine
  • Russia builds up its forces in Belarus, western Russia and Crimea

It lifts prices for treasuries, dollars and other safe-haven assets, and downfall of stocks. In addition, also pushing energy prices higher, worsening inflation, and negatively implicates global growth.

On Friday February 11th, 2022, S&P 500 index closed down nearly 1.9%, Nasdaq closed down around 2.8%,  Brent crude futures went up 3.3% at $94.44 and West Texas Intermediate crude rose 3.6%, at $93.10.

The worries over conflict create volatility until certainty verified, which is a chance for traders, as

  • EUR against other major currencies bearish
  • GBP against other currency sideways
  • Gold Bullish versus other currencies
  • Crude Oil bullish
  • Stock market index bearish

Happy trading.

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