Saturday , 27 November 2021

Rina Susilawati

Dear Traders,

Trading forex is never easy, especially for those who do not have sufficient experience in analyzing market. I was one of them, who ‘so called’ traders, that have tried many times raising from the losing created by my own failure in understanding of what to do to gain profit and how to handle loss. Such carelessness finally led me to a significant loss of my financial balance.

In early 2015, I started to understand that so far, I made the same mistakes frequently just as most unsuccessful traders do (i.e. reckless money management, improper entry market, and uncontrolled psychology) without acquiring a single solution. Fortunately, I was an ignorant, who did not think this mess deeply. Therefore, I was always in the normal state.

Then I began to read books, browse internet, and watch business TV programs to deepen and widen my horizon in trading. Technical and fundamental analyses are both important to determine a precise entry point. Many websites discussing technical analysis can easily be found as they tend to repeat the same topics; candlestick, indicators, support-resistant, and the like, which probably quoted from common translated sources.

Yet, only a few sites unfold fundamental analysis. One of my favorite sites is Lately, I learn that the author is Reza Aswin, a fundamental analyst. He writes analysis of prominent past events to arouse readers’ curiosity for what may happen in the future. Thus, readers are triggered to think critically and holistically as traders.  Personally, his writings often assist me anticipating and responding to the upcoming regional and global monetary policies that affect market movement. Not only writing articles, but he is also eager to share his knowledge through regular and incidental classes attended by those who are interested in trading forex.

Every trader dreams on obtaining profit and it needs appropriate strategy to do so. Excellent strategy requires analytical mind and long term trading experience. So…don’t miss reading the site to sharpen your analysis before opening a position in your chart!


Jakarta, 19th November 2015

Best Regards,


Rina Susilawati

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