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2022 Climate

By Stanislaus Adrian Pratama

It’s been 2 years since the world has been at war with the covid-19 pandemic. The handling of Covid cases has also gotten better. Even so, new mutations are still emerging. Currently the most shocking thing in the world is the Omicron mutation, where affected people show mild symptoms but the spread is increasingly massive. On the bright side, these results are showing signs of the end of the pandemic itself.

With the increasingly controlled Covid-19, many countries have begun to reopen their economic activities, and this has resulted in soaring demand for energy and supplies for production. New problems arise with the high demand for energy, and the supply chain is still not recovering, making the inflation rate in several developed countries exceed the inflation rate of the last few decades. America with an inflation rate of 6.8%, Europe which has touched 5%, Britain at 5.1%, Canada at 4.7%. This economic rate may be false due to high commodity prices and the energy crisis experienced by many developed countries. But it could also be due to the massive and simultaneous economic recovery that made the world economy rise rapidly. This is good if it can be utilized by all parties and of course with supportive government policies.

Monetary policy and fiscal policy will certainly affect the rate of economic growth in their countries, stability and good control are the main keys, otherwise the economy will be wild and uncontrolled.

The particular concern is what kind of steps that the central banks will take in these conditions, the current dilemma is the need for a fast economic recovery and price stability in the market, too hot is not good for recovery, but if it is not managed properly, the struggles of these countries will be in vain to support the country’s economy with ultra-loose policies.

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High debt, GDP that has just started to rise again, the return of workers to work, the increase in interest rates that will be carried out this year, will determine whether the world’s economic conditions will really improve, or will it become a new crisis in 2022.

A new instrument that is no longer new

Cryptocurrencies have been on the market for a long time, but during this pandemic they have become a hotly discussed investment and trading instrument. There is still a lot of speculation popping up in the market making prices very volatile, at the end of 2021 BTC closed at $ 47,700. Is the cryptocurrency market responding to the Fed’s policy of withdrawing liquidity and preparing to raise interest rates in 2022 or is it simply because of the panic in the market as the crypto market faces a bear market for days? All of this is of course a debate and needs further analysis.

Cryptocurrency is not a new thing, but for most of these instruments it is something new and interesting to own, its development is certainly very massive and the impact is very global. Many tokens are popping up and competing to offer innovative things. “Finding Alpha” is everyone’s dream, NFT is now the prima donna, and is supported by the development of NFT in the game world.

In 2022, of course, many interesting surprises will emerge from the Cryptocurrency world. The debate in many countries has not stopped its users from stopping developing ecosystems. With a decentralized system, it forms an unlimited ecosystem. So as to make all data and markets easy to access by various groups.

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Turnaround, of course, with the current pandemic, will create competition in the business world, anyone who can survive and turn things around. The recovery phase in each crisis period shows the company’s ability and capacity to survive in various economic situations. So this year’s “hunting” season for the collections of issuers that have passed this crisis phase is worthy of collection.

Are you ready to face the market in 2022?

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